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The Craft Cabin Interior is Finished!


Today is the day!  The interior of the cabin is complete and ready to move in to.  Let me get you up to date with photos of the progress.

In my part 3 post I left off with the sheetrock being installed.  Here we go…

Ed did the first phase of the sheetrock mud work, but then became busy with work and ended up hiring someone to finish the mud work and paint it.  The first two quotes we got were WAY too high.  The third was more reasonable, BUT the guy could only work on it a couple of hours at a time here and there, sometimes late at night, some days he didn’t show up at all, and it took FOREVER to complete.


While waiting for the mud work and paint to be completed Ed pressure-washed the exterior…



…we had TWO ice storms…


…and a new roof was installed.


As the mud-work was getting close to completion it was time to pick out flooring.


We decided to go with hardwood flooring, so off to Home Depot we went…



When we got home from Home Depot Ed immediately got to work and laid down a vapor barrier over the old plywood, added a new layer of plywood and began installing the hardwood…



Then Ed ran out of wood!  He was just 4-square-feet short!  Luckily the flooring manager on duty at Home Depot let Ed take the few pieces he needed out of an already-opened box for free, instead of making Ed buy a whole box.  Ed didn’t have time to install it right away, so it sat inside the house for a few days…


Ed had to install the floor while he had the free time, but the guy we hired hadn’t sanded and painted yet, so Ed laid down some paper over the newly installed floor until the sanding and painting was completed…


Once the painting was done, Ed uncovered the floor, installed the last few pieces of hardwood, installed the outlet covers and wood trim, and then added plywood to the underside of the loft shelf…



While the guys were busy with the plywood I was applying putty into the nail holes on all the wood trim and into the deep screw holes on that long beam on the front of the shelf.  That night (last night) Ed did some quick cleanup and vacuumed the sheetrock dust off the top of the shelf, I took pictures, and we discussed how I would paint the shelf and do touch-up painting the next morning (today).


First thing this morning I went straight to painting.  I did two coats of semigloss on the shelf and touch-up on the trim, and flat paint on the walls where it needed touching up…



It took me most of the day to paint, and my sister Susan keep me company on FaceTime for a good part of it.  I then swept the floor, washed the windows, cleaned up the painting materials and at about 5 PM I was DONE.

THEN…drum-roll please…







I LOVE IT!  I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  Thank you, Ed, for this most wonderful gift.  From start to finish the project took just about 2 months.  Now I have the weekend to get my work tables and art and craft supplies moved in and organized.  More photos will follow in another blog post when it’s complete.

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