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The birth of an infant-sized, no-sew, Power Ranger costume

The birth of an infant-sized, no-sew, Power Ranger costume

So, three days before Halloween my daughter, who has her hands full with four children under the age of nine, tells me that they’re doing a Power-Ranger themed family costume this year. They all have their costumes, except for the newest family member, little three-month-old Elias. He was going to be the yellow Ninja Steel Power Ranger, but no costumes were available online or locally. Grandma to the rescue! I don’t sew, and don’t even own a sewing machine, so I had to come up with something that was not too time-consuming and didn’t require sewing, so off to Target and WalMart I went. The total cost of the supplies for the costume came to $34, but, that was because I had to buy four-packs of the longsleeve onesies and socks. I won’t break it down, but the cost for what was actually used for the costume was probably less than $15.

The goal:


Goal for costume:  Power Rangers Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger

There were no yellow onesies available anywhere at such short notice I needed size 0-3 months. I would need to improvise.

Rit dye to the rescue!

Now for that Ninja Steel trademark design. Using my iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Procreate app, I traced the design from a photo I acquired on Google images, saved it as a jpg, uploaded the photo to Cricut Design Space, and then cut the Siser HTV vinyl out using my Cricut Maker.

Traced design in Procreate app using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil


Finished design in Procreate app

Photo uploaded to Cricut Design Space and arranged on mat

Positioning the cut out HTV on the onsie

After ironing on the main part of the design

I also cut out two strips of glow-in-the-dark HTV for the white part of the design, as I had not white HTV on hand.

I arranged the white strips and ironed them on

I cut off the long yellow sleeves to make it short-sleeved, and saved the cut off portion. I then tucked a long-sleeved, black cotton shirt inside the onsie, and then pulled the saved cut-off portion of the yellow sleeves over the end of the black shirt sleeves.

After dying the socks yellow, I was corrected by my eldest grandson that the rangers wear white shoes. Good thing I bought a package of them!

Within 5 minutes of donning the costume, little Elias promptly spit up all over it! LOL!

What a crew!  Mom, Dad and the #QuadSquad



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No matter how small or inexpensive your product I feel it’s important to present it professionally,
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