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ATTENTION Democrats! Republicans! and Libertarians alike! 


Are you sick of all the hateful bashing on social media? Have you been sucked into a debate by a so-called “friend’s” angry venting? Are you questioning the sanity of some of your Facebook friends? Well then, before you start hitting that “unfriend” button I have something here to re-unify us all – Funny Cat Videos! Why? Because cat’s don’t judge. Okay, maybe cats DO judge, but they can’t talk so WHO CARES? Also, cats will love you unconditionally (but, only if you feed them). Cats will also HATE you simply because you don’t smell right, much the same way we humans do, so put on some deodorant for gawd’s sake.
You say you don’t like cats? Well, that’s just UN-American! Yes, I just judged you, just like a cat would.
So, I present you with today’s unifying funny cat video: