I am an artist, crafter, photographer, geek, mother, grandmother, animal lover, bird watcher, reader, sci-fi and fantasy fan, and maker and collector of beautiful, fun and quirky things.  Due to my great desire to always be learning something new (and a small amount of ADHD) my artist mediums, interests and obsessions change often.  My current mediums of interest are paper, watercolors, and clay, but who knows what next week will bring.  I also make jewelry and love encrusted seed bead embroidery.

As of this writing I am a fan of the following TV shows:  Game of Thrones, Vikings, Downton Abbey, Revolution, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Witches of East End, and Perception.  I also LOVE BBC miniseries, and among my favorites are “North & South” (Richard Armitage)  and “Jane Eyre” (Timothy Dalton) and both are currently on Netflix Streaming.  My favorite movie version of  “Wuthering Heights” is the 1992 version with Ralph Fiennes (gorgeous) and Juliette Binoche — all I have to do is hear the theme music in the opening scene and I start crying!

Born in 1963 and raised in Massapequa Park, Long Island, NY, along with 4 siblings, by parents who were Brooklyn-ites raised in the era of the Great Depression.  I am of Irish-immigrant descent (there is also some English and Belgian in there).  At age 32 I left Long Island and during my life have lived in various towns in Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, then BACK to Long Island for a short while, and now live in Charleston, South Carolina (since 2004).  I will always consider myself a New Yorker, and if I could afford to I’d have a beach house in East Hampton like the one in the movie “Something’s Gotta Give.”  Yes, I want Erica Barry’s beach house.  If I cannot have that house I’d at least want the house in the movie “Practical Magic” (another favorite movie of mine).  Another favorite house is Ina Garten’s house in East Hampton.

Two years after moving to SC, in 2006, I reunited with my first-every boyfriend, Ed, after 29 years apart (we first dated in 1978-79) and we have been together ever since.  Ed had moved from NY to SC many years ago.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I have one daughter who has given me two adorable grandsons, who are my heart.

Besides selling my art and jewelry, as an occupation I have been, from the most recent to the distant past, a virtual assistant, remote computer repair and training (GEEK), medical transcriptionist quality-control proofreader and editor (15 years), photographer and photo lab manager, bank teller, retail sales, insurance sales (disliked intensely).

I am happiest when I’m in my studio creating.



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  1. Massapequa?! Back in the days of the dinosaurs, you were our football rivals [East Meadow] for the Thanksgiving game!! Pleasure to meet you. How’s the island?

    • Hi! I’ve only been back to Long Island to visit twice in the last 10 years. I moved to SC in 2004. I do admit that I miss the Island terribly and keep hoping to win the lottery so I can buy a vacation home there. I lived in Massapequa Park, back when Berner was a High School (now it’s a middle school). We were the Berner Bisons, and Massapequa HS were the Chiefs, our rivals too!

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