Wellness and Weight-loss Adventure Day 34



After Face-Timing with my sister Barbara two days ago I realized I was not drinking nearly enough water. I THOUGHT I was, but it was only a few sips here and there. I was feeling lethargic and foggy-brained and she suggested I CHUG several full glasses of water throughout the day. WOW! What a difference. Barbara is a nurse and is very health and nutrition conscious and saavy. Her advice is usually good advice.

So, since my last post I’ve lost another 9 pounds (but I’m also counting the 3 pounds I lost in the two weeks before officially starting my diet, so that’s why the myfitnesspal app photo above says -24 pounds). I’ve gotten a bit lazy about eating salads and juicing since the grandkids were here over the weekend, but I’m going to get back to that today.

My brother wrote me an email asking what I was doing to lose weight, so yesterday morning I spent over an hour outlining everything in an email reply. He was shocked at the lengthy reply, and said he would take the time to read it all soon, and pass it on to the women in his family. I hope my successes inspire them.

Today I need to make a shopping trip to Earth Fare in Summerville. It’s about a 15-minute trip on a very busy road and I usually dread going, but I need to get over that. I want to stock up on some white kernel popcorn, Larabars, prunes and organic berries. Supposedly, there is a new Whole Foods that is going to be opening up this year a bit closer to home than the one in Mt. Pleasant, and I’m hoping it’s a LOT closer.

Every now and then I feel the need for a hot plate of good food, so last night I made a pork roast with potatoes, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in my new pressure cooker. I ate two thin-ish slices of the roast and a large serving-spoon portion of the veggies. It was enough. The tomatoes weren’t as sweet as I was hoping. Next time I’ll use carrots instead. First I browned the roast in a little grape seed oil in the pressure cooker, added a cup of water and a half cup of red wine, a ton of chopped garlic, the potatoes, tomatoes and mushrooms and set the cooker for 25 minutes. The 3-pound roast was throughly cooked and tender, but the potatoes were falling apart, and the flavor was great. Next time I’ll cook for only 20 minutes. Ed loved it.

I think I’m finally adjusting to the thyroid medication. I’m feeling a bit less loopy and tired, but that could also be the benefits of the increased water intake. I was probably dehydrated all along.

Postive changes I’ve noticed to date:
My waist is becoming visible again.
Ed says my butt is shrinking.
My stretchy pants are having trouble staying up.
My tee shirts are hanging loose at my shrinking belly area.
My cheekbones are becoming more visible.

Medications are unchanged since my last post, and I started the monthly Progesterone on the 1st.

I made 4 NYC token rings and a quarter pendant in my workshop yesterday:

IMG_7208 IMG_7210


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