New Electric Kettle and Token Jewelry Challenges


After 3 years of my 8-year-old electric kettle’s auto-shut-off feature not functioning, and once again allowing it to boil dry, I finally broke down and got a new one. The old one was white plastic, and with all the scientific evidence pointing to plastic as a carcinogen (especially plastic that’s come in contact with hot water and food) I decided to get glass. However, the lid and pouring spout on the new one is still plastic and the boiling water will still come into contact with it. I couldn’t find an electric kettle that was 100% glass, so this one is better than nothing:  VonShef Illuminating Glass Kettle

A few of my token jewelry listings were deactivated by the selling site I use because someone representing the transit authority of the state-that-shall-not-be-named told the selling site I was infringing on their copyright. Who knew that a decades-old token (35-45 YEARS OLD), that has no real value anymore because it cannot be used as fare for a subway or bus, that I purchased on eBay, could not be sold as a jewelry item? Who knew that by now it wasn’t public domain? What I found interesting was that only my jewelry items where the token was left totally intact, other than a small hold drilled so it could be hung as a pendant or earring, were the listings they shut down. They left the rings alone. I guess the rings are so altered that they are practically beyond recognition as having once been a token as it’s missing the center part, which gets punched out in order to make the ring. That listing, and the listing of the earrings made from those same punched-out centers, were not flagged for removal. There are also at least TWO other sellers selling the same rings as me (not as well made and for more money I might add). I also found someone selling earrings similar to the ones I sold, and there is no evidence in their listing that they are an authorized licensed seller of the transit authority of the-state-that-shall-not-be-named. I’m wondering if my listings were truly found by someone representing the transit authority, or if they were flagged by a jewelry competitor on the selling site looking to eliminate the competition? And just in time for my anticipated busy Christmas selling season…hmm. Either way, sometimes people suck. I’m not getting rich off this token jewelry. It’s not made of gold for God’s sake. So, from here on in no more token earrings or necklaces.

My assistant only lasted two months — Friday was her last day. This is partially due to not having enough work to justify paying someone full time, and the fact that I’ll now be making less jewelry frees up my time to do my own housework and prep my own jewelry packaging material. Ed assured her that we may have her back for the occasional odd cleaning job, but not on a daily basis or any kind of schedule.

So now, in preparation for the holiday season, with my new-found free time I’ll be making and listing more coin rings of different types and countries. You know, when one door closes…, lemons into lemonade, etc.


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