My Personal Timeline of the Rain/Flooding in Charleston, SC, Hurricane Joaquin


I started this as a post on Facebook that I keep updating, and decided I should also put it here for safekeeping. I’ll update it a few times a day until things are back to normal. We got hit with a double-whammy of a storm front and then moisture feeding into it from hurricane Joaquin offshore. I live in North Charleston, South Carolina, near I-26, Wanamaker Park, Goose Creek and Trident Medical Center.

Read from the BOTTOM of the page UP:

UPDATE Monday 12:25 AM:  We have a leak in the office ceiling. Ed went up into the attic to locate the leak, but there is not much we can do tonight. We have a bucket and towels in place under the leak. 

Also, the swamp has now risen high enough to start overflowing into our back yard. More rain is on the way. 

UPDATE SUNDAY 5:35 PM: THE SUN WAS OUT for about 20 minutes just now
Here are some of today’s news alerts:
1:13 AM: Flash Flood emergency declared for Tri-County area.
12:52 PM: Old Black Road in Berkeley County expected to collapse; resident nearby advised to evacuate.
4:01 PM: SCDOT closes 70 miles of I-95 because of record flooding.
4:27 PM: Homes at North Charleston Peppermill neighborhood being evacuated due to flooding.
5:15 PM: North Charleston: Mayor Sumney announces curfew started at 10 PM tonight.
5:29 PM: Officials urging evacuation for Dorchester County residents within 1 mile of the Edisto river.
All of Charleston County schools will be closed tomorrow.

UPDATE SUNDAY 11:30 AM:  My daughters boyfriend just sent me a text that they’ve made it to Springfield, SC, and so far so good.

UPDATE SUNDAY 10:40 AM: After a night of almost near-constant thunder and lightening, and occasional heavy downpours, I got out of bed at 7:00 feeling like I never slept. Little Ethan woke twice crying, and Eddy slept though it like a log. The dogs were freaked and stayed in my room. The first thing I saw this morning was the Civil Emergency Message on my cell phone. They’re asking people to remain where they are and not go out. Right now it’s not raining, but overcast. Our yard has huge puddles, but no flooding. The “swamp” behind our house is the highest we’ve seen in the 8 years we’ve been here. Small critters are finding their way into the house — bugs, and a slug in the kitchen! On the Charleston Fire and Emergency scanner channel late last night I heard calls come in for an alligator in a trailer park, fires, gas leaks, water rescues, cars trapped in ditches, etc. We are still expecting more rain, but it looks like the heaviest rain is just to our east. Columbia (the central part of the state) is a flooded mess. Boone Hall Plantation got a record 24 inches of rain! We still haven’t lost power. Ed was out on the deck about an hour ago and said he heard a tree fall in the woods (swampy area) behind our house. My daughter is on her way here from Aiken to get the boys, but I’m guessing she may not get far with all the flooding. Part of her route crosses the Edisto river twice, and several creeks. Parts of both interstates 20 and 26 are shut down due to flooding, so she’ll have to take the back roads and Hwy 78. She knows to be cautious. I’ll be holding my breath for the next 2 hours until her arrival, or her phone call that she had to turn back.

UPDATE SATURDAY 9:30 PM: We had a little bit of a lull in the rain this afternoon, but in the last couple of hours we’ve had a few heavy downpours again. I’m hearing loud thunder and seeing lightning flashes, and Doppler shows there’s a lot more rain coming our way. This is far from over. We still have our power, thankfully. The backyard has not flooded any more than it was earlier today.

UPDATE SATURDAY 3:25 PM: President Obama declares a federal emergency for the state of South Carolina.

UPDATE SATURDAY 3:00 PM: It was just announced at a press conference that at 3 PM (now) we are at OPCON 1 — Major disaster or emergency situation is in effect. Highest state of emergency operations and the SEOC is fully activated. I see that Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel is now in Greenville, SC, the northern part of the state.

UPDATE SATURDAY 9:30 AM: It’s only mid-morning, and we’ve already beaten the daily rainfall record by 1 inch. The “swamp” behind our property is the highest it’s ever been, and it’s starting to cross the property line. Our yard is officially starting to flood. The news just said to expect another 12 to 18 inches of rain, over and above what we’ve already had, in the next few days.

UPDATE SATURDAY 8:33 AM: Ed called. All the exit ramps and roads leading into downtown Charleston are blocked. They’re not letting anyone in. He’s coming back home. He saw news crews at the blocked exits.

UPDATE 8 AM SATURDAY Oct. 3, 2015: It rained heavily on and off last night, with thunder and lightening. It’s a moderate steady rain right now. Ed is heading downtown Charleston in his work truck (If he can get there — many streets are flooded and closed) because a customer called him about his basement flooding. Our backyard isn’t flooded, but the puddles I mentioned last night have grown larger, and there’s more of them. I have 3 kids here today: Eddy & Ethan, and 9-year-old Hali, the daughter of a friend who is a tow-truck driver and working today. Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t lose power. I’ll update again around noon and keep The Weather Channel on to see what downtown looks like. Jim Cantore is there.

8 PM FRIDAY Oct. 2, 2015: It’s been raining on and off for the last day and a half. The ground is now completely saturated, and large puddles are starting to form in our backyard, which is the lowest part of our property.


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