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I DIY’d my iPad’s Broken Glass Last Night…

I DIY’d my iPad’s Broken Glass Last Night…

The story of my iPad 3 is a sad one. After my initial dropping of it on my sister’s concrete driveway a few years ago the glass has had to be replaced three times by so-called professionals, and a small fortune has been spent. The first time they changed the glass there were fingerprints on the underside of it because they didn’t wear gloves when installing it. When I brought it back and they saw the fingerprints they replaced it again for free. When I left the store the second time, I noticed a hairline crack in the newly installed glass. Because I didn’t notice it while in the store, but 10 minutes later, of course they did not take responsibility for it and charged me for the price of the new glass minus the labor. That glass lasted about six months before it started crumbling in the areas where it wasn’t seated properly in the frame.

I did a quick fix for safety’s sake by taping up the crumbling glass with clear packing tape, and after many months of living with it that way I then decided to try my hand at changing the glass myself. So, after watching many YouTube how-to videos on the subject I took the leap last night. Oh, did I mention that after the second time the “professionals” changed the glass they trashed the loudspeaker and it never worked again? I replaced that also. In order to get the old speaker out and new one in the iPad has to be about 60% disassembled. What a chore. Beginning to end took me about four hours, and there was a lot of swearing involved, but it was a success.