Watercolor by James “Jimmy” Stewart, who was born this day in 1908


One of my all-time favorite American actors, James “Jimmy” Stewart, was born on this day in 1908.

There is a watercolor painting that hangs on the wall of a sitting room in a funeral home in Aiken, South Carolina, that was painted by James Stewart. My sister and I were there a few years ago when the owner showed it to us. Apparently, the home was formerly a USO Hotel during WWII, and in 1943 “Jimmy” visited. The subject of the painting was of one side of that same room. Jimmy had sat on the side opposite and painted the side of the room, which included a fireplace. The painting hangs near the fireplace and it shows that the room hasn’t changed much since. The painting was really well done, and signed. I just thought it was the coolest thing. A sort of “Jimmy Stewart was here” moment.

The owner of the funeral home wrote a blog post about it, about halfway down the page:


Jimmy Stewart Watercolor


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