Life with Ed, and the Renovation Project from HELL


Ed has been working on a 2-building renovation project in the ghetto for weeks now, that has pretty much taken over his life. It’s been a delicate juggling act with Ed working at the site as much as possible during the day, mostly supervising his workers so they don’t screw up, and then in the evening doing repair jobs for his regular customers who only want Ed working on their stuff. Two nights in a row this week he wasn’t home until after 9 PM, tired and dirty, and hadn’t eaten ALL DAY. Last night he was home at dinner time, but then we spent the evening going through dozens of receipts and doing the math on this big job.

Ed is taking 2 condemned buildings and turning them into safe, livable apartments. Now the owners are telling him they want it completed in 2 weeks, when in actuality he needs about 4 to get it done right. Yesterday was a critical day, with the owners meeting with Ed in the morning at the job site to discuss the progress and cost, and immediately following that two of Ed’s workers decided it would be a good time to ask Ed for more money. When Ed told them they he couldn’t do it “right now” they walked off the job, essentially screwing Ed over at the worst possible time. I quickly put an ad on Craigslist for temporary workers, and in 2 hours Ed got about 30 calls, hiring several new guys.

Last night he called and smoothed things over with the 2 guys, so not only are they showing up for work today, but there will be a handful of NEW guys showing up this morning to work. Ed is going to be running around like a lunatic trying to manage them all. I don’t envy him today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at least a couple of these new guys will work out and this damn job gets finished quickly.


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