Severe Thunderstorm Warnings – Don’t Get Lazy!


I love a good storm. As a small child my mother made sure that thunder and lightening didn’t provoke too much fear in me by getting excited when she heard a storm approaching. She’d go “OOOOOoooo” and smile whenever there was a clap of thunder, and made looking out windows at lightening a spectator sport. I’m now one of those people who has 4+ weather apps on their phone and check the Doppler radar several times a day during storm season. I’ll have a different weather map open on each of my 2 iPads, my iPhone, my iMac, and the Weather Channel on TV if a severe storm outbreak is predicted for that day. My family knows this, and while they sometimes like to make fun of me, I’ll be the first person they text when they’ve been caught off guard by a storm with “why didn’t you warn me?” I follow the weather in all my (4) siblings and many friend’s cities with said apps, and often I’m their first warning that a storm is heading their way.

More often than not we get a warning that a severe storm is heading our way, only to have it fizz out just before reaching us, and that causes us to not take the precautions we should. In the past I’ve had lightening strikes fry a computer, modem and router, large screen TV, a TiVo and multiple other small electronics. I’ve lived in many states (mostly in the northeast US) and found that storms are worse here in the south. But once, while living in Vermont, I had a ground lightening strike travel into the house through my phone line and explode in a ball a few feet from my head! I now unplug everything at the first sign of lightening.

The video shown with this article below is both terrifying and amazing. The most frightening storm I’ve ever experienced was while I was inside my own home a few summers ago here in N. Charleston, SC. The lightening and thunder was right here, not distant, and was relentless. I sat in the windowless hallway with the two dogs on my lap, trying to keep Daisy calm. To this day even distant thunder makes Daisy crazy because of that storm.


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