Oh Yes I Did!! The Birth of a Fertility Ornament.

Oh Yes I Did!!   The Birth of a Fertility Ornament.

When my sister sent me a text photo of an ornament my niece found online, I went to work right away to make one, but with my own special twist of humor, as you’ll see below!  

My niece has been married for 2 years and wants very much to have a baby.  I’m not sure how she came across the original ornament photo online, but my guess is that a Google search was involved.  I’ve decided to call it “the fertility ornament.” 

IMG_0657 - Jan 7, 2015, 8:47:32 PM

So, it begins with clay…

These little swimmers were hand rolled and sculpted from Pardo clay.
Unlike the original ornament I was copying, which had all “normal” sperm,
I decided to add a couple of defective ones to add to the humor of it all.

Time for baking.  One hour at 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
While most women were baking Christmas cookies I was baking, um…er…


Once baked they were dunked in a bowl of ice water to harden and increase durability:

IMG_0566 - Version 2


Now it’s time for the eyeballs.
I decided to give my defective swimmers an equally defective number of eyes.

The two-tailed one has 3 eyes, and the two-headed one has 3 eyes combined.
While I was sitting there gluing on the eyes I was giggling like a nutcase.
I did warn you about my sense of humor:


Now to glue them onto the ova (round glass ornament):


And the finished product was ready to ship to my niece!

My niece, sister, and brother-in-law had lunch together and FaceTimed me so I could see her reaction when she opened the gift.
Yes, she laughed and said “Oh!  You made one!”

IMG_0657 - Jan 7, 2015, 8:47:32 PM


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