An Amazing WWII Firsthand-Account Scrapbook of a U.S. Army Officer 1941-1945


I inherited this amazing piece of history when my Aunt Eleanor O’Connor passed away a few years ago. Her husband, John O’Connor, was the brother of James Joseph O’Connor, the subject of this scrapbook.  The scrapbook begins on April 11, 1941, and finishes November 14, 1945 with the final letter stating “with any luck I’ll be back in New York by Christmas.”  In it you will see there are lots of personal letters, mostly to Jame’s mother, Mary, historical newspaper clippings, postcards, money, stamps, telegrams, maps, and photographs.  I have yet to really sit down and read all the letters, but plan to soon.



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    • I need to designate a block of time (2-3 hours) to sit down with a cup of tea and really study this book. The personal letters are so telling. Just holding the book in my hands gives me an amazing feeling of being transported back in time to that era. It’s a privilege to have this book to study.

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