Organized Techno-Nerd or Organized Old Fart? I can be BOTH with FiloFax!

Organized Techno-Nerd or Organized Old Fart?  I can be BOTH with FiloFax!

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Organized people have always impressed me.  I love to observe them and their habits while secretly hoping that some of it will rub off on me.  Sometimes it does, but while I LOVE having my life/home organized it often seems like too much time-consuming work.  I’m good at organization, really good at it, and I love being organized, but in recent years it’s taken a back seat to other, more pressing, life matters.  I’m starting to feel the negative effects of my disorganization, and I now feel the need to create organization in my life wherever I can, no matter how small the effort.  I’m hoping that once I start reorganizing my life it will have a snowball effect.

Years ago I used to keep a large organizer-wallet crammed with photos, stamps, money, cards, keys, notepad, calendar, etc., but since embracing the technology of my iPhone and iPad a lot of that stuff no longer needs to be a physical presence in my wallet and has been replaced with apps such as Evernote, Key Ring, and CalenGoo.  While this techno-approach to organization has worked out really well for me, I find myself missing the fun of having an organizer.  My conundrum has been how to justify owning one when all this great technology exists (but, should I really NEED to justify it?  Can’t I just have one because I WANT one?).  I ask myself if I am really that concerned about being perceived by others as being an old fart, stuck in the past and not being able to let go of my old, cluttered-wallet ways?  My answer is, shamefully, “yes”.  I’ve always been a techo-nerd and it’s kind of what I’m known for, and I want my young grandkids to grow up thinking of me as the “cool” grandma — I admit it.  

I’ve finally found the answer to my conundrum thanks to my good friend, Gabi. She showed me that I can have my organized clutter AND be creative…FILOFAX!  I can be a COOL old-fart!  This is a match made in heaven.  With a Filofax big enough to fit my iPad or Kindle in I can have it all! 

There is a whole new generation of Filofax organizer users who have taken this old-fashioned way of being organized and made it their own.  They are crafty, artistic, AND organized.  They decorate the pages, scrapbook in them, make art journal pages in them — there is no end to their craftiness.  They are fashionable and imaginative, and know a good-quality product when they see one.  Just do a Facebook search for “Filofax” and see how many groups pop up.  Do a YouTube search for “Filofax” and you will find tons of videos of people showing off their organizers, and how they use them.  I can get lost watching for hours.


I have yet to actually purchase a Filofax, but once I make my decision about which style and size to get I will be ordering it on  They have great prices and I’m a Prime member.  I found this out via a post by one of my favorite bloggers, Xenia, who is re-discovering the joys of Filofax.

So, have I inspired you to check out Filofax?  Get organized?  Get crafty?  I hope so, because I don’t want to be the only old-fashioned old-fart out there!

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my-filofax-2-use  blogger-image-1322660987 my purple life filofax  filofax


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  1. Hi Beth, I don’t care about being considered an old fart because I prefer using a filofax. This is one of the wonderful things about being over 40. You are not nearly as concerned about what other people think of you when you are older and wiser. 🙂

    I became an Amazon Prime member a year and a half ago and LOVE the benefits of it. I am trying not to be too antsy about the long wait for my filofax. It is challenging though. I have been buying pretty things to decorate it with and I sooooooo much want to get started.

    • Xenia: I agree with you wholeheartedly! I’m well over 40 and the only people whose impression of me I’m every truly concerned about these days are my grandkids, and this a positive thing because it causes me to want to be the best I can be. I work from home and no longer have the care of what co-workers think of me, and when I do go out of the house/cabin it’s usually with a strong sense of purpose to accomplish a task, and that’s my main focus.

      Since I was looking to replace my handbag I decided to start out with a Franklin Covey organizer with handles. I was craving organizer instant gratification and went to my local OfficeMax. I’m easing into this whole new world of organizers, but still have strong Malden envy and I’m sure there’s a Filofax in my future.

      Have you seen the FaceBook group of folks who are awaiting delivery of their Malden Filofax? It’s a support group! LOL!!

    • Yes! I often miss the days when I used a pen and paper more than I used a computer or tablet, or smartphone. While I like and use them all, sometimes I just have to do it the old-fashioned way to feel more connected to myself, and less like a cyborg who is merely part of a giant Internet collective. –Beth

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