Sometimes You Just Need a Creative Quick-Fix. Yeah. Right.


I love to create beautiful and interesting things, but the perfectionist in me often gets in the way of my creativity.  I don’t do failure well.  When learning a new technique I will first study it to death via online tutorials, books and magazines before attempting it,  simply because I fear failure.  It’s ridiculous, I know, but this perfectionist is far from perfect.  So, every now and then, in order to escape my perfection obsession, I need to create something really quick and simple.  These simple creations are often something lighthearted and fun, so when my scrap-booking and creative-journaling friend told me about the latest trend of paperclip bookmarks I was all over it.  I was excited!  This was something crafty and fun that I could bang out with the supplies I already had in abundance!

WELL, THAT didn’t last long.  Sometimes creativity does not come easily to me and I start over-thinking the project.  The pain-in-the-ass perfectionist part of me took over and this quick little craft-fix became a major project inside my head.    What materials would I use?  What colors would I combine?  How would I pretty-up the back so it wouldn’t be ugly?  Which glue will work the best?  What should have taken 20 minutes took 2 hours to complete.  Was it worth it?  That depends.  If I decided to sell these I wouldn’t make my money back in the time spent on them and that would upset me.  If I give them away then I  could consider it a labor of love, and I could live with that.

These are going out in the mail today to my dear scrap-booking and creative-journaling friend.   A labor of love it is!






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