The Craft Cabin Gift, Part 2


As I said in Part 1, I started mentally making all sorts of plans for how I would decorate the cabin, and had shown Ed the paint colors I liked, flooring I liked, etc. Then I left for my 4-day trip to Aiken, SC.

That Sunday when I arrived back home Ed met me at the front door.  He immediately walked me inside to the kitchen, BLINDFOLDED me, and then lead me out onto the deck.  He walked me to the far end of the deck and told me to take off my blindfold and turn around…

Now, I have to admit that I FULLY expected to see the cabin painted in the colors I had shown Ed the week before, but what I saw was SO much better.


Here it is…

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 948

He raised it up and made it part of the deck!  It took a few seconds for it to sink in, but when it did I exclaimed “Oh my GOD!  HOW COOL!”  

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 949

So, we not only gained a few extra feet of deck, but now I have easy access from the house.
To give you an idea of what a difference it makes, here are a couple of “before” photos:

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 769

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 768

Raising it up makes it seem SO cozy and special, like it’s now part of the house, yet still separate.  For the following few days I kept looking at it through the kitchen door in disbelief.  Ed had given me the best gift ever — a special place all my own to create in.

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 826

Now for Part 3, where I’ll show you the progress Ed has been making with the inside of the cabin.


About Beth King

A Long Island, New Yorker who moved to SC in 2004. Mother, grandmother, geek, metal jewelry designer, photographer, reader, blogger who loves to create and collect beautiful, quirky and cool things.

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  1. Not only is that cool as HELL but it’s AMAZING! I cannot wait to visit you and hang out in there with you!!!
    It needs a guest bed that tucks away when not in use! HEHEHH!!!!

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