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The Craft Cabin Gift, Part 3


This post follows Ed’s progress on finishing the inside of the cabin.
See Part 1 and Part 2

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 776


The inside of the cabin was unfinished, except for a work bench the former owner had built inside and a bunch of makeshift shelves he built into the framework.  Ed tore that all out and got to work on wiring for the electric.

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 773

He added 8 outlets inside, 4 inside light fixtures, a porch light and an outside porch light switch and outlet.  Since he was going to be adding a heating and cooling unit, and I would be running an oven for clay, and tools, Ed felt it would be best for the cabin to have it’s own electrical panel.

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 937

Next, he measured and cut a hole to install the small AC/Heat unit (7000 BTUs) and then added the insulation:

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 943

The tray shelf, we decided, would stay as extra storage for craft items I don’t use often that take up a lot of space.

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 777

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 944 iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 946 iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 945

Next, came the sheetrock.  The inside of the cabin is 11′ x 7′:

photo%203 photo%202 photo%201photo

This final photo was taken just now.

Part 4 to follow soon!


The Craft Cabin Gift, Part 2


As I said in Part 1, I started mentally making all sorts of plans for how I would decorate the cabin, and had shown Ed the paint colors I liked, flooring I liked, etc. Then I left for my 4-day trip to Aiken, SC.

That Sunday when I arrived back home Ed met me at the front door.  He immediately walked me inside to the kitchen, BLINDFOLDED me, and then lead me out onto the deck.  He walked me to the far end of the deck and told me to take off my blindfold and turn around…

Now, I have to admit that I FULLY expected to see the cabin painted in the colors I had shown Ed the week before, but what I saw was SO much better.


Here it is…

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 948

He raised it up and made it part of the deck!  It took a few seconds for it to sink in, but when it did I exclaimed “Oh my GOD!  HOW COOL!”  

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 949

So, we not only gained a few extra feet of deck, but now I have easy access from the house.
To give you an idea of what a difference it makes, here are a couple of “before” photos:

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 769

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 768

Raising it up makes it seem SO cozy and special, like it’s now part of the house, yet still separate.  For the following few days I kept looking at it through the kitchen door in disbelief.  Ed had given me the best gift ever — a special place all my own to create in.

iPhone 5 pics to Jan 2014 826

Now for Part 3, where I’ll show you the progress Ed has been making with the inside of the cabin.

The Craft Cabin Gift, Part 1


Allow me to explain by first giving a little personal history:  My significant other’s name is Ed.  Ed was my very first boyfriend at age 15 where we grew up on Long Island, NY.  We dated for 10 months, separated for 29 years, and reunited in South Carolina on Christmas Eve 2006.  That’s the condensed version.

Ed is licensed in electric, plumbing, HVAC and residential and commercial construction.  Ed likes to build stuff.  A lot.  Like me he is creative, but in a different way.  For the 7 years we’ve been together he’s been very supportive of my creativity and craftiness, but my craft supplies have taken over large areas of the house — half of the office and part of the guest room, occasionally spilling over into the kitchen.  For a few years now Ed’s been talking about building me a small crafting cabin in the back yard, complete with electric, heat and AC, and even went so far as to try to win me a Graceland Cabin at an auction.  This idea of a getting a cabin for me would come and go, and my craft supplies continued to multiply and take over the house.

A few weeks ago, just before New Years, Ed called me after doing an estimate for a customer.  Apparently the guy needed work done and had a slightly used Graceland cabin he needed moved off a property.  The guy didn’t necessarily want to keep the cabin, but it had to be moved nonetheless.  Ed seized the opportunity, and after a few days of back and forth negotiation was able to barter some work for the guy with the cabin as compensation, and he told me that he would be bringing it home in a week or two.  Two days later he called to tell me he was on his way to our house with the cabin.  SURPRISE!  What a guy!

So, me being the geek I am, I immediately ran outside with my iPhone to record the momentous event…

He placed it next to our back deck for easy access from the house.  To say that I was excited would be an understatement.  I started making plans of how I would decorate it, and how I would set up the inside once Ed was done working on it.

A couple of days later I was off to Aiken, SC on business.  While I was gone Ed started working his magic, which included yet another surprise that I’ll show you in the next post.

Click here for Part 2 of The Craft Cabin Gift.

The Ingenuity of Ed, and the Frozen Water Pipe


Our water pipes froze last night.  Allow me to explain: A few weeks ago Ed discovered a water leak under the house.  He didn’t have time to replace the pipes, so he ran a temporary waterline from the meter out by the road into the house, bypassing the leaking pipe. This was only meant to be a temporary solution until he could get around to fixing it correctly.  Well, last night while getting ready for bed I mentioned to him the possibility of the above-ground pipe freezing from the expected low temperatures that night.  He agreed that there was a possibility and that he would check the water first thing in the morning.  Well, it did freeze. But, thanks to Ed’s ingenuity he got it thawed out.

I went out to CVS to get some water, milk and bread, and when I returned home what I saw as I pulled into the driveway made me laugh out loud.  I got out of the car and pulled out my phone to video record it and Ed laughed and asked me “What? You’re going to show everyone our redneck ways?”  I replied “damn right!”  So, here is my video of “The ingenuity of redneck Ed”, who, by the way, was born and raised in Amityville, New York, not the south.

Video:  Ed’s answer to a frozen above-ground water line.