The Abandoned Old French Clock


One of the benefits of having a significant-other who maintains rental homes for absentee landlords is the occasional odd item he brings home that deadbeat tenants have left behind when they’ve skipped out in the night.  

About two years ago Ed got a call from one of these absentee landlords.  He asked Ed to go over to one of his houses to see if the tenant was still living there, because they had not paid rent in 2 months.  Upon arrival at the house Ed could see it had been abandoned.  He “let himself in” a back window only to discover the usual mess.  The tenant had left in a hurry and left a lot of stuff (mostly trash) behind.  However, Ed spotted one thing he would not be throwing out.  An old wooden wall clock.  The landlord gave Ed permission to keep whatever he wanted, so Ed brought the clock home.  

I immediately went to work on Google trying to locate any details I could about this clock.  I found similar styles, but none exactly like this one…

It was in excellent shape, but had no key to wind it.

Ed brought it to a local clock repairman , who got it running in top form and gave us a winding key.  It looses about 2 minutes between windings (every 4-5 days).  The repairman told us that the numbers on the face were made of bakelite (an early type of plastic) and the clock dated from 1910 to 1913!  100 years old!  

Inside the clock were some ragged, yellowed pieces of paper that appeared to be an information/instruction manual, but I cannot read French, which frustrates me to no end…

I’m thinking that whomever helped move that elderly tenant out had no idea that this clock had any value, or that it was as old as it is.  I’m glad that Ed could rescue it and have it restored to working condition.




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